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11. Is there a unifying concept?

The unifying concept in this theory of human life is the concept of skill.

A human is a goal-processing system a system for creating and achieving goals. As a result, words pertaining to the essence of human nature all pertain to skill in achieving a goal. Here are a number of such words:



Brilliance, genius

Good, better, best, great, excellent, perfect

Need, bad, rules, laws, rights

Elegance, beauty

Ought, should

Valuable, value

Knowledge, truth

Objective reality, existence


Virtue, vice, evil, ethical values, ethical rights

Reference citation.  Philip Bitar, adapted from Why Human Life Makes Sense, Edition 3, 2015, p. 444-445, posted at www.WhyHumanLifeMakesSense.com, 2015-03-18.